Vision Statement

Vision:  To become a leading institution of learning, teaching and research in Fisheries and Coastal Management in Ghana; a Department of choice, having unique and innovative activities with the capacity to advance healthy marine, coastal and inland aquatic ecosystems for sustained provision of goods and services in collaboration with public and private institutions locally and internationally.

Mission Statement

The Department aims to achieve an appropriate balance between conservation and utilization of Ghana’s marine, coastal and inland fisheries and aquatic resources through integrated scientific research, education of the next generation of fisheries scientists and coastal management practitioners, as well as undertake community outreach interventions.

Core Values

Team work and visionary leadership We strive for excellence as a team through effective implementation and monitoring of teaching, learning and research activities in the department while at the same time and where possible, encourage professional development of academic and technical staff through the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

Commitment to research and scholarship To be exemplary and unique institution that provides demand-driven services to students and clients. The Department strives to remain up to date with current literature and research practices, as well as publish the department’s research outputs.

Academic achievement Students’ academic achievement is central to the department. Students develop a sense of pride, excellence, and aspiration in order to take charge of their own learning throughout their stay in the department. We strive to create student-centered learning and create opportunities for them by providing them with relevant skills for the job market, further training, career development, goal setting, and time management.

Strong partnerships with donors and industry To promote partnerships that provides mutual support or win-win situation for each partner in the collaboration, and contributing financially, expertise, common vision, and the desire for mutual interventions and cooperation.

Professionalism In order to achieve very high standards in teaching, research and outreach, we strive for competence among academic and non-academic staff. Our staff are approachable and responsive to the needs of students and our stakeholders. We undertake capacity building initiatives, where needed for the greater benefit of the Ghanaian society.

Fiscal discipline Respect for financial accountability and be accountable to the vision of the Department as stewards of marine, coastal and inland water resources.